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Welcome to the D1Scout Tournament Listing system! This is a new service to provide Organizations and clubs a venue for listing their organizations, teams, tournaments and events free of charge. We cater to all amateur sports across the United States and Canada. So if you have an event please feel free to post it here. In addition we provide Coaches the ability to filter and look for events in some new and efficient ways.

Post a Tournament Search By Region Search on a Map

We have tried to provide easy to use tools for helping Coaches research listed Tournaments and events in order to set up a schedule for their upcoming season.

  • Multiple levels of filtering including: Sport, date,Grade,Gender, Strength, Guaranteed Games, State and many more
  • Clickable summary of the event including contact information and event links
  • Use your zip or postal code and find all events filtered for you within a radius you set
  • Use multiple searches to create your tournament search list
  • Your selections are saved while your browser is open and you are using the event filtering system.
  • Print a report to share with your associates or email a link for them to be able to view the events you have selected and are contemplating attending.
  • use powerful search tools to make your event selection process more efficient
  • Store your Tournament or event selections so you can return and edit or refine them in the future
  • Be informed if a new tournament or event has been registered or submitted and meets your predefined search parameters
  • List your own events and spread the word to your participants

*Important* Please read the Discalimer in our Terms of Use!

Tournament & Event Listing Form

Welcome to the New "Tournamnets and Event Locator Map" created for your convinience. This feature will allow you to set a radius from a central location and list all the events within that radius graphicaly on a map. This feature will allow you to filter events based on date (start and end), Gender and sport. Only the sports that we have registered events for are presented in the "sport" drop down.

This is a very simple to use feature that will help you find events to participate in. There are many events scattered across the country. This tool will give you a visual representation of those events based on a distance you set. The radius could be local or could be national.

Many travel teams or programs are geared to travel a certain distance from their base of operations. This tool will assist you in setting that limit. Setting the date range and other filters will help you minimize all the chatter and background noise of events that are outside your range and you would not be traveling too. A perfect example of this if you were a travel program in New York City. New York is a large state. On most listing services you select New York and you get events in Syracuse, Albany, Buffalo and other towns. If you are located in NY City chances are you will not be driving 400 miles to an event in Buffalo and vice versa.

You dont see your event on the map. Please use the "Post your own Tournament or Event" button and get your event out there to the right people.

Please take a look at the How-to guide on the lower part of this page. When you are ready Click on "Search for Tournaments on a Map" to get started.